Joëlle Brémault


Joëlle Brémault is a wholistic healing facilitator and teacher.


After the completion of her studies at the University of Manitoba’s
Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation Studies, Joëlle worked for
over twenty years in many settings and with various age groups offering a

variety of recreational and educational activities and programs, as well as
presentations  on wellness related topics.


Over this same period, Joëlle’s explorations and studies of several complementary
healing modalities were underway, starting with USUI Reiki and then followed by: studies
of Nutritional Lifestyles, Qi Gong, Karuna™ Reiki, Healing Touch, Focusing Technique,
OM ROM Stellar Reiki, Ashtanga Yoga, meditation, Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing – Huna Kane,
Foot Reflexology RCRT (Registered Certified Reflexology Therapist), and member of RAC
(Reflexology Association of Canada) since 2009, Laughter Yoga, the study of MedicinalPlants and
Spiritual Evolution (Intro Level), and most recently, ARōMATOUCH Technique (therapeutic applications of
very high quality essential oils).


Joëlle has recently opened her own practice
offering the following services:

    Reiki (Teacher/Master – inquire about classes)

  • Chakra Spread

  • Huna Kane, Kahi,
    and others under the umbrella of the Hawaiian Healing System

  • Foot Reflexology

  • ARōMATOUCH™ Technique

  • Workshops and Day Events (please inquire)


“From my practice as a Yoga Instructor and from my experiences as
a wholistic therapist, I will encourage you again and again to come
to your breath. The Breath will assist you in moving forward on
your journey to wholeness with your desire and intention
for a greater sense of wellbeing.”